Rick Valentin is a musician, educator, and creative technologist.
Poster Children: Central Illinois purveyors of indie rock since 1987.
Salaryman is an instrumental electronic rock quartet.
Radio Zero: podcasting since 1998 before podcasts were called podcasts.
Thoughts Detecting Machines: songs built from looped guitars, electronics, and vocals.
Work: Interactive, Video, Audio
  • Hood

    An opaque hood fitted with microphones and speakers which amplify the breathing and movements of the wearer.  

  • Dr. Gilman Chatsworth’s Handbook of Self-Help and Common Sense

    A collection of aphorisms by an early 20th century pop philosopher, typeset and printed by hand. Covered in a standard library binding and decorated with Dewey Decimal code sticker, donation plate, due date slip, and library stamps. Placed covertly on public library shelves, awaiting discovery by patrons or administrators. (Edition of 16)

  • Amber Suspensions

    Microchips, capacitors, fuses, LEDs and batteries suspended in amber, buried in isolated areas and landfills (via residential garbage service) awaiting discovery by distant generations.