Rick Valentin is a musician, educator, and creative technologist.
Poster Children: Central Illinois purveyors of indie rock since 1987.
Salaryman is an instrumental electronic rock quartet.
Radio Zero: podcasting since 1998 before podcasts were called podcasts.
Thoughts Detecting Machines: songs built from looped guitars, electronics, and vocals.
Work: Interactive, Video, Audio
  • Waking Hours

    A photo taken every waking hour in 2003, arranged in a 24×365 grid and printed on a 40′ banner. (Online Version)

  • Egg Pass

    One dozen black “eggs” engraved with a URL, eggpass.org, and a unique number were handed out in a classroom at the University of Illinois with a simple set of rules for the recipients: 1) Pass the egg to someone with whom you are on a first-name basis. 2) Please explain these rules to them. 3)…

  • Linear Kane / Non-Linear Kane

    Linear Kane: Citizen Kane re-edited such that the narrative unfolds in a linear manner, beginning with Charles Foster Kane’s childhood and ending with a reporter’s search for Rosebud. Non-Linear Kane: Citizen Kane re-assembled on a DVD programmed to play each scene randomly, creating a different edit of the film upon each viewing. (Video unavailable due…