Rick Valentin is a musician, educator, and creative technologist.
Poster Children: Central Illinois purveyors of indie rock since 1987.
Salaryman is an instrumental electronic rock quartet.
Radio Zero: podcasting since 1998 before podcasts were called podcasts.
Thoughts Detecting Machines: songs built from looped guitars, electronics, and vocals.
Work: Interactive, Video, Audio
  • Memory Booth

    A photo booth that captures the image of the current occupant while flashing the image of the previous occupant, temporarily “burning” the previous occupant’s image into the current occupant’s field of vision.

  • Top Two News Words (By Hour)

    Top news sources are parsed by a computer every hour and the two most frequently used words are determined and printed out on a continuous sheet of paper. (Online Version ) You can follow the hourly updates here or via Twitter or RSS.

  • 24 Hour Walk

    Twenty-four synchronized videos documenting a series of hourly walks around a half residential, half commercial city block over the course of one day, projected on a four walled column.