Rick Valentin is a musician, educator, and creative technologist.
Poster Children: Central Illinois purveyors of indie rock since 1987.
Salaryman is an instrumental electronic rock quartet.
Radio Zero: podcasting since 1998 before podcasts were called podcasts.
Thoughts Detecting Machines: songs built from looped guitars, electronics, and vocals.
Work: Interactive, Video, Audio
  • Fugitives

    Music video for “Fugitives” from the Thoughts Detecting Machines LP “Sound, Noise, & You”. Directed by Rick.

  • Rough Ride on an Orange Machine

    Music: Martha Callison Horst, Performed by: Durward Ensemble, Conductor: Michelle Blair, Artistic Director: Matt Driscoll, Montage: Rick Valentin

  • Top Two News Words (For 2021)

    The top two news words for 2021 were: COVID BIDEN